Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Birthday lilyhippo !

This doll is definitely one to look out for, if these super trendy looks are anything to judge by!

This doll is always up for an item styling.

Be sure to wish her w huge happy birthday - visit here suite HERE.

As always, gifts are appreciated but not compulsory!

(PS - sorry for the shorter post and any formatting issues, had to use my phone.)


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

New collection out in IT Girls!

Hello dolls, as you might have noticed there's a pretty cute new collection out in IT Girls.

Prices range between 10 and 25 sd. There is only 1 starcoin item.

What do you think of this release? Are you buying anything?

Style one of the MAIN items from this collection and WIN them for free!

-Don't forget your stardoll name
-Open for a limited time

Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy Birthday ashleybaby93!

This doll is a huge contributor to our wonderful blog, with plenty of fashion talent and chatting up to boot.

She rather rocks these two plaid jackets! 
(And I'm totally obsessed.)

She also killed it in this Gigi Hadid look:

Make sure to click HERE to wish her a big birthday in suite!

As always, gifts are appreciated, but not compulsory.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hotbuys Flocked Tulle Skirt Released!

Hotbuys Flocked Tulle Skirt is now available in Plaza. 
It costs 21 sd and you can find them in Rio Chicas.

I'm personally not a great fan of it. The tulle layering seems too stiff and the waist is way too awkward and doesn't really seem to fit.

Don't forget to check out the real life version on the RLV blog!

What do you think of this HB? Are you going to buy?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Weekend OOTD theme: Nothing suits me like a suit

Hello dolls, it's me, Agnes again since our Weekend OOTD Mod is still busy because of personal reasons. Sorry for the late announcement, but I was early-birthday celebrating.
This weekend OOTD theme is...


In 1966, at a time when the perception of women wearing pants was considered off-kilter and inappropriate, Yves Saint Laurent introduced the world to Le Smoking, a tuxedo-style suit that quickly became the epitome of sex appeal. Though today we view the iconic look as an interesting alternative to the LBD, it signifies more than a party outfit: It’s a statement for women.

Black or baby blue, striped or leather, these suits bring women a significant appeance and a clear message: they are not here to take any of your sh!t.

So suit up, dolls!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Winners of Weekend OOTD Announced!

Here are the winners of last weekend OOTDs! The theme was mob wives and many of you absolutely killed it!

Our winners are...


They both captured the soultry sicilian look very well and kept it strictly to business.

They both win 25 sd which they can spend on any wishlist item.
 Please claim your price in my GB (ashleybaby93) within a week!

Thank you everyone for entering!


Stardoll released a new collection of Epiphany items.  
Prices ranges from $5sd - $23sd.

What do you think of the release?

What is your favorite item?

Take a selfie featuring some of the items from this release.

WIN $100sd
(min 20 participants or prize will be reduced to $50sd)

*You can use Photoshop or any other application  to change the background and/or photo boarder.

Here is a quick example below with just a quick boarder, but be creative.

*Look back at other selfie comps here on the blog to see what people did if you need help.

You can do it in your suite or beauty parlor if you are buying one of the items and used the camera.


You can do as I did below and add your on background/boarder to be creative.

~Must have boarder to look like a photograph
~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~ Ends Monday November 20th

Thursday, November 16, 2017


The HB Proenza Schouler Inspired Pants are available to own. 
You can pick them up in the Starplaza for $20sd (without discount).
I think I like these pants. 

The real life version is pretty cute so I hope the Stardoll version will look good on my doll.

Thanks to the RLV crew and our Inspired By blog for the pic.

Show us how you would style these pants!

You will automatically be included in our POLL to WIN $50sd.

Plus just state you want to be included in your comment to be added to our random GIVEAWAY and GET THESE PANTS FREE!

~Post pic in comments
~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~Open for a limited time

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

New Millionaire Mansion is out in Plaza!

There is a new 'collection' of Millionaire Mansion out in plaza

Now 14 items count as a collection. What a time to be alive

Prices range between 20 and 7 stardollars. There are 2 starcoin items.

What do you think of this release? Are you buying anything?


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Happy Birthday itsabutterfly_

The second big birthday today goes to Itsabutterfly_ ! A lover of all things giveaway, this dolls has dresses in all sorts of outfits. Personally, I think this Starcoin only outfit is super cute:

She's cosplayed Harley Quinn before (and it wasn't even Halloween):

She runs her own Croation stardoll blog, which you can check out HERE.

And make sure to visit her suite HERE and say happy birthday!

As always, gifts are appreciated, but not compulsory.

Happy Birthday CosimaSaskia !

I love all the layers and details to her OOTD! And who doesn't think Dalmations are cute?

CosimaSaskia is part of the team finding items for the RLV blog!

I also get a feeling from her outfits that she really likes the colour blue ...

Make sure to wish her a big happy birthday at here suite HERE!

As always, gifts are apreciated but not compulsory.


Monday, November 13, 2017

New floor of Bonjour Bizou released!

There is a new floor of Bonjour Bizou out in plaza.

A very tiny release. Smol one.

Prices range between 21 and 9 sd. There is only 1 starcoin item. 

I like the accessories and the ruffle top, but overall it's really not my cup of tea.

Style one of the main items from this release and win your favourites for free!

- Don't forget you stardoll name
- Open for a limited time


RNTM Cycle 1 - Task 4 Review + Task 5 Results + Task 6

The Vertical City
Episode 8
"The Review, Elimination, and Task"

Last task there wasn't an official post, I was very busy with college! We shall do a quick review!

The task was to recreate America's Next Top Model contestant photograph!

Ealain won best photo!

Ealain portrayed Raina's first photo in NEW ZEALAND
Ealain definitely had the most artistic, and model-esque photo out of the other 6. Louisa.Karemina, and Love Fontinh also produced steller fashion shots! While Lil_Rocker_Grl, and GirlSahar444 didnt impress much! However, Uitsili never completed the task and was eliminated!

During the break the TOP 6 flew to TOKYO
The Vertical City
They portrayed CRAZY tourists obsessed with KAWAII and HARAJUKU fashion!

Let's review! We shall go by submission order!

Up first, Lil_Rocker_Grl

Roxanne: I honestly think this is one of your best photos! You said that you portrayed the GLAM ROCK side of KAWAII/HARAJUKU. You definitely look like a crazy tourist who's gone mad with the style! I love the energy this photo gives off, and that your almost tipsy because you are at a Karaoke Bar! What did they put into that shake??? Nice job! I guess Tokyo really gave you some life! Keep it up!

Next up was, GirlSahara444

Roxanne: While I do think the styling was super on point, you didn't follow the narrative! If this shot was produced for lets say Vogue Japan, they would NOT put it in their magazine because it wasn't on theme! I have noticed throughout the cycle I have said you don't really follow the theme of the task, and it's the final 6! The theme of a task is the MOST IMPORTANT, because if you dont follow it, you end up with a random photo! Please, please, please start following the task!

Next up is, Lovefontinh

Roxanne: This shot is 90 percent HIT, and a 10 percent MISS. You look super HAUTE, the styling is so EDGY, and so awesome! You probably did the styling the best in my opinion! BUT, you don't look CRAZY for it, and the background just doesn't give your styling justice! If this were a fashion show task, this would be super insane! ALAS, it's not and it just doesn't fit the feeling I was looking for! Otherwise, its a steller photo! Good job!

Next up, Dorky123

Roxanne: This photo reminds me of Eboni Davis (America's Next Top Model Cycle 18) When they did the Hello Kitty photo! She was almost eliminated for it! I think the outfit is cute, but very underwhelming! You also just look like a model for a super quirky editorial, and not like a tourist at all! I think you need to take some risks, you are the model who has rested in the middle of the pack each week, and I just think we are starting to forget you! 

Next up, Ealain!

Roxanne: I honestly cannot believe I am saying this, but I really don't like this photo! Yes, the styling is there, yes it's VERY KAWAII, but with the stellar shots you have been producing since TASK 1, I am actually just underwhelmed! I seriously thought this was YOUR TASK, but this might be my least favorite photo submitted this week! The background is really confusing to me! I know it is supposed to be like the airport, but there is just a giant window at a REALLY gloomy city! I just think you could do 1608863 percent better!

Last but NOT least, Louisa.Karemina

Roxanne: Well I really like this scene! It makes me smile! I went to Tokyo about a year ago, and this is basically me! ABSOLUTELY dead set on shopping the entire CITY! Your outfit is so cute! The way you are holding the doll is very gentle, and I like it! I wish you looked a little more obsessed with the shopping, but the rest of your scene is really nice! Great job!

Now that you have all been critiqued, the time has come to send one of you back to your home here in Tokyo, pack your belongings, and go back home.Before that happens, we shall call out the 4 models who have made it to the FINAL 5.

Best photo of the week goes to...

Lil_Rocker_Grl, congratulations you had the PERFECT combination of crazy, style, and tourism!!!!

Runner-up for best photo is...

Louisa.Karemina, you two were NECK and NECK good job!

the next model safe is...

LoveFontinh, you have really stepped it up the past few weeks, keep it up!

The last model safe, and moving on to the final 5 is...


Ealain, and GirlSahar444, you two are up for elimination!

GirlSahar444, You haven't made your mark in this cycle yet, and I think it's because you haven't followed the narrative. You have good poses, nice styling, but that meas nothing when it isnt the theme! It's just a nice photo. 
Ealain, since task 1 you have been a  FRONT RUNNER in this cycle. But this task, a HUGE disappointment. It's like it was rushed, or you had no care for this week at all. I'm scared that this is what the rest of your tasks might be like, if you continue on!

So who stays? Who gets to join the TOP 5?

Ealain, I really hope this is a one time thing, I really enjoy you as a model, and this week really surprised me! Congratulations, you are still in the running towards becoming Roxanne's Next Top Model!

GirlSahar444, you did so well hun, and if we have a Cycle 2 I hope you audition! 

Now that we got the HARD part down, time for TASK 6

The five of you will choose a unique and popular building in Japan! You must do the the research about that building, and create an editorial based off the architecture of that building! 
You also CANNOT use clothing. You MUST build the outfit entirely of furniture! 
You are the top 5, so I know you can do HIGH FASHION! WOW US!

Due November 19 at 11:59 A.M.

Due dates are now only 1 week long due to the amount of you left!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hotbuys Slip in Pearl Heels out in Plaza!

It costs 14 sd and you can find them in Pretty n' Love.

Real life version is from Aquazzura

I think they are cute, but not to die for.

What do you think of this HB? Are you going to buy it?


Style this HB to win it for free!
 All you have to do:
-create an outfit using this item and share it with us
-don't forget your username
-giveaway is open till nov. 16.
good luck!
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